Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Winter Workshop: An Introduction to Environmental Humanities 2023

A weekend trip to Studienhaus Gut Schönwag

03.11.2023 – 05.11.2023

In early November, the annual workshop held at Studienhaus Stiftung Gut Schönwag again opened its doors to ESCP students. For three days, the new cohort was introduced to the rapidly growing field of Environmental Humanities and took the chance to explore their research interests.


Students from the current 2023 cohort with Environmental Studies Certificate Director Dr. Susanne Unger (middle)

In an informal setting, RCC fellows and doctoral students from different disciplinary backgrounds introduced their research in the field. Visitng doctoral candidate, Daniel Lara de la Fuente, presented the outline of his dissertation project on "Ecocentrism within Anthropocentrism: The Ecomodernist Conception of Nature." At the same time, the weekend provided an opportunity for Environmental Studies students to connect, get to know each other, and explore their own research interests.


Besides workshop and presentations, the trip also included small-scale excursions around the Wessobrunn neighborhood. An excursion to Eibenwald (engl. yew tree forest) narrated by TUM Forestry student, Vroni Egger, for example provided new insights into nature conservation and the life cycle of trees.

Hohle Eibe

A hollow yew tree

Fotographierende Studentin

And finally, on a guided tour of Forellenhof Schönwag, students learned about the joys and challenges of small-scale fish farming. 


Florian Krammer educating ESCP students about small-scale fish farming