Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Tuesday Discussion

Networking in Environmental Studies

17.10.2017 – 10.02.2018

Interested in environmental work both locally and internationally? Thinking of environmental work after your studies?


Photo Credit: Ursula Münster.

Do not miss out on the Tuesday Discussion from 16:00 till 17:00 c.t. at Leopoldstr. 11 A, room 415!

The course introduced students to a wide variety of fields, both academic and beyond, in which environmental practitioners are active. Each session provided participants with the opportunity to meet speakers who function as heads of environmental foundations, as members of environmental research institutions, green businesses, environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs), or as representatives of the Ministry of Environment. The course was discussion-based and required students to actively participate in each class. International fellows and staff from the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society were also invited to join the discussion with the students.

Our program:

17.10. William Powers, World Policy Institute, New York
24.10. Ernst Rauch, Corporate Climate Centre, Munich Re
07.11. Jane Carruthers, University of South Africa [on National Parks]
14.11. Rasem Baban, Director, Tierpark Hellabrunn [Munich Zoo]
21.11. Markus Guddat, Greenpeace Munich
28.11. Alexandra Caterbow, environmental activist, HEJ (Health-Environment-Justice)
05.12. Daniela Gottschlich, diversu e.V., Susanne Schmitt & Laurie Young, Animating Taxidermy
19.12. Walter Hafeker, President, European Professional Beekeepers Association
09.01. Christoph von Braun, von Braun Foundation
16.01. Stephen Corey , Survival International
23.01. Jessica Lee, Environmental Writer
30.01. Werner Zittel, Ludwig-Bölkow-Stiftung
06.02. Rahul Schwenk, StrategieLabor-Berlin

For more information, please see the RCC's website.

Students can obtain 3 ECTS credits for this course.

For registration, please take a look at the LSF.