Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Ecopolis Seminar

Understanding and Imaging Munich's Environments

25.07.2017 – 27.07.2017


Auer Mühlbach, München

Dr. Nina Möllers (Rachel Carson Center’s curator at the Deutsches Museum) and Dr. Ursula Münster (academic coordinator of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program) invited students, as well as RCC staff and other LMU faculty member to visit the Ecopolis student exhibition in the Main Building (Lichthof) of LMU from July 25 to July 27 2017.

On July 27 Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Bernd Huber, the president of the LMU, formally closed the exhibit.

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Student research and field work could focus on such diverse topics, areas or spaces as:

- the Olympic Park (built on top of rubble from World War II)

- the peatlands north of Munich that played an essential role for the brewing industry

- water in Munich (drinking water from the Mangfall Valley; manipulation of the Isar River for energy production)

- the English Garden (its military origins; biodiversity in the park)

- sites and modes of transportation and visions for their future

- urban commoning and Green City projects in Munich


Students have formed multidisciplinary groups and prepared exhibits and presentations for the 2017 event in collaboration with the course leaders from the Carson Center and Deutsches Museum. Mentors and lecturers include experts from different disciplines including architect Prof. Elisabeth Merk (head of the City Planning Office of Munich), Prof. Michael John Gorman (Chair in Biology and Director of Biotopia, the new Museum for Natural History); Prof. Christof Mauch (environmental historian and Director of the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society), economist Prof. Georg Zollner ( Professor for Sustainable Management at Munich’s University for Applied Science), and many others.

The course has an accompanying wordpress site.



Source: http://ecopolis.danfoss.com/