Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Lunchtime Colloquium Series

12.04.2017 – 12.07.2018

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The lunchtime colloquium series consists of short, 20–30 minute presentations by RCC fellows. The talks are based on the fellow's own research, often focusing on their most recent project. Designed to stimulate discussion, the presentations are accessible and are aimed at a non-specialist audience.

Each talk is followed by a question-and-answer session lasting 30–45 minutes. This session allows audience members to seek clarification, request further information, or challenge the speaker's argument. The Q&A is a lively and entertaining way of engaging with fellows and their academic research.

All talks are completely free and open to the public. The talks may be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students in Munich, or to anyone with an interest in environmental issues.

This semester's lunchtime speakers:



For more information on our current program, please check out the calendar of events.

To make the lunchtime colloquium available to people outside of Munich, the presentations are recorded and published on the RCC's YouTube channel.