Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Lecture Series

Windows on Environment & Society: Research at LMU Munich


Time: Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00,
First session: 12 April 2018,
Location: RCC, Leopoldstr. 11a, 4th floor conference room.
Credit Points: 3 ECTS (pass/fail)

Alternative Agriculture 2016 (22)

Photo Credit: Ursula Münster.

Professors from across LMU Munich—who are incidentally all members of the academic board of the Doctoral Program in Environment and Society—present this lecture series, which showcases research into environmental questions from history, law, theology, sociology, geography, anthropology, and geology.

Our current program:

12.04.2018 Christof Mauch
Ecological Crises and Slow Hope for the Future
19.04.2018 Henrike Rau
Doing More with Less? Critical Approaches to Sustainable Consumption
26.04.2018 Jens Kersten
Urban Biodiversity
03.05.2018 Bernhard Gill
Epistemic Logic and Everyday Practices: The Evolution of Energy Consumption in Private Households
17.05.2018 Simone Müller
Where Does All the Waste Go? Ghost Acres, Garbage Imperialism, and the Global Waste Economy
24.05.2018 Karen Pittel
Climate Policy—A Social Dilemma?
07.06.2018 Gordon Winder
Making the Blue Economy
14.06.2018 Eveline Dürr
Back to Nature? Ecotourism and Indigeneity in Mexico
21.06.2018 Julia Herzberg
A Cold Empire: Exploring Frost, Ice, and Snow in Russian History.
28.06.2018 Markus Vogt
From Human Ecology to Ecological Humanity: Environmental Ethics in the Anthropocene
05.07.2018 Helmuth Trischler
The Anthropocene: A Challenge to the Environmental Humanities
12.07.2018 Anke Friedrich
The Limits of Plate Tectonics: Landscapes, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes in Continental Interiors