Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Final Projects Presentation

Students present their final projects in Environmental Studies

13.07.2018 at 17:00 

On 13 July students of the Environmental Studies Certificate Program exhibited and presented their final projects. We were able to see what kind of innovative ideas this year's final projects put on display.


Photo Credit: Anne Schilling.

The event welcomed students and guests for the presentations of the projects at the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG), Leopoldstr. 11, 1st floor at 17:00.


Photo Credit: Katharina Müller.

This year's ESP Final Project Presentation's line-up:

1. Philipp Bauer - Munich 2100: Tracing Climate Change in Munich

2. Julia Schneider & Manuel Ebener - Old but Gold: Why heritage varieties still matter

3. Md Safiqul Islam & Alexander E. Hausmann - Perceiving nature digitally: An example project on Bangladesh's wildlife

4. Christoph Netz - Climate, Society and Sustainability in Namaqualand

5. Maria Fixemer - Environmental writing in times of terrorism: the Peruvian journalist Bárbara d'Achille

6. Sophia Rossmann & Manuel Kronenberg - Eco SciFi: Resuce Mission 718554

7. Julia Mittermüller & Dabid Stäblein - Permakultur leben, Utopien schaffen

A big thank you to Jenny Overholt and Johannes Summer who were fantastic student speakers for students of the Certificate Program.