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Place-Based Workshop Berchtesgaden Nationalpark

A Contested Landscape

30.06.2018 – 02.07.2018

The place-based workshop is one of the Environmental Studies Program's most important yearly events.

Workshop leader and organizer: Dr. Ursula Münster


Photo Credit: Ursula Münster.

From 30 June to 2 July 2018, we looked at the Berchtesgaden National Park from different disciplinary perspectives. The workshop featured an interdisciplinary team of teachers, including Dr. Andreas Gröger (head conservator and botanist, Botanical Garden, Munich), Dr. Ute Hasenöhrl (environmental historian, Innsbruck University), Prof. Dr. Anke Friedrich (Geology, LMU Munich), Dr. Travis Klingberg (human geographer, RCC) and Dr. Ursula Münster (social and cultural anthropologist, RCC, LMU Munich).


Photo Credit: Ursula Münster.

What can we learn when environmental historians, geologists, geographers, and anthropologists explore an landscape together? How do their perspectives differ from those of farmers, hunters, park rangers, tourists, or environmentalists? How does this mountain region — its farms and forests, and the animals, plants, fungi and bacteria that live there—shape its people and their practices? How is this a contested landscape? How does the "Anthropocene" manifest in these place-based ecologies? How might the future of the landscape look?


Photo Credit: Sarah Kellner.