Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Storytelling and Storyboarding Science at Global Science Film Festival

Block Seminar

02.11.2019 at 10:00 

- with Dr. Samer Angelone - 

Workshop Description

There have been great scientists that dropped out of school, but there have been no great scientists that did not tell stories!

We seek to challenge, inspire and train scientists to use narrative techniques and strategies employed in film to produce persuasive presentations and publications. Borrowing communication strategies and techniques from filmmakers and applying them in science communication will help scientists for better communication of their research, and scientists are wise enough to do so!


Program Information

I. Theory:

Scientists learn storytelling and storyboarding from the masters of narrative, ‘the filmmakers’.

Scientists learn how to borrow communication strategies and techniques from filmmakers and how to apply them in communicating their science. This will help them to engage the audience and increase uptake by incorporating narrative attributes into their teaching, divulgations and publications.

II. Practice:

Scientists re-write their biographies, abstracts and presentations by using narrative attributes used by filmmakers

Scientists attend the Global Science Film Festival 2019 (the 72 edition!). Which is a great opportunity for them to meet professional filmmakers and discuss with them storytelling technics that they can use in communicating their research

Eventually, scientists can prepare films about their interviews with the filmmakers


Students will spend the 2nd of November at the Rachel Carson Center (10 am - 6 pm) to learn about the theory. From November 15 until November 17 students will travel to Zurich to attend the 2nd Global Science Film Festival and put the theories into practice. 3 ECTS points.