Environmental Studies Certificate Program (EN)

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Introduction to Environmental Ethics

23.04.2019 – 27.07.2019

The Good, the Bad and the Environment, or How to be ‘good’ to the environment.

- with Sebastian Planck, Social Entrepreneurship Akademie -

Unfortunately, this course will not make things easier for you. It won’t absolve you from your responsibility to the environment. It won’t make it easier for you to fly. Or eat a steak.


In this course, we will explore different ethical theories towards the environment (from the Bible and Aristotle to Immanuel Kant all the way to Jane Bennett and Timothy Morton) and inquire into different ways in which humans have thought about the environment and whether it’s okay to kill an animal for a delicious hamburger. After setting a theoretical basis, we will work on projects that translate these theories into habits (ethos: lat. habit) and analyze contemporary challenges like e-mobility, decarbonization, or smart cities.


This course not only wants to challenge your understanding of the environment and how you interact with it but also empowers you to craft new ethical ways to be good to the environment without becoming an ecoterrorist.

Time Schedule:

23.4. 17 - 18.30

30.4. 17 - 18.30

7.5. 17 - 18.30

14.5. 17 - 18.30

21.5. 17 - 18.30

28.5. 17 - 18.30

Block I: 8.6. 10-17.00

Block II: 6.7. 10-17.00